About except.io

except.io is a tool for developers, by KickCode, a web and mobile development company. It's geared towards helping developers be aware of errors and exceptions in their apps, but also to help them triage and deal with those exceptions in a sane way. It's at a fairly early stage at the minute, but a public beta seems fitting given that we really want developers to help shape the tool by telling us what they need most.

We were asked recently, what problems are you trying to solve? It's a good question, and to begin with at least, we're looking at a few key areas:

  • Making sure everyone who needs access, has access. In the majority of cases, if you have access to the code, you'll probably want access to errors that the code is producing, and so by using GitHub for authorization, we are making the setup for teams a whole bunch easier. If you can see the repository on GitHub, you can access it on except.io. We understand that there are more advanced use cases than this, and will be extending this with additional options in future, but getting a team going by default will be easy with except.io.
  • One application, multiple environments. We've made it easy to track errors for your application in a single place, across environments, but also filter by environment if you're just interested in production issues, for example. Coming soon, the ability to choose which environments in particular you want notifications for.
  • Notifications, how you want them. We've got email notifications, and shortly we'll have an iOS app that provides for push notifications. In the pipeline are SMS messages, web hooks, and notifications for other mobile platforms.
  • Actionable exceptions. You don't want to just be notified about exceptions, you want to be able to get to work on making sure they don't happen again. You can have unique (non duplicate) exceptions logged straight into GitHub as issues against the repository, or do the same thing with Pivotal Tracker as bug stories, and we'd be interested in hearing about other integrations people might want.

These are the core things we want to address and keep improving, and the app as it is today goes some way towards most of these goals, with improvements planned coming thick and fast in the future. But we also want to hear feedback from you, esteemed developers, to guide us to what other features developers would find useful. This is a tool for developers, driven by developers, so please get in touch!